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Thursday, March 12, 2015
By Maya A Darasaw
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Yes, that's right! My new website!!


And it's like going on vacation, you always ask yourself, "what took me so long to take this journey?" I ask myself the same question, what took me sooooo long to update my site. But it's done, and check this out.. I'm blogging for the first time too. Weird... I just want to take a quick second to shout out someone, because, that's what you do on blogs of course... Shout people out, Right? So thanks Paul, the friendly guy at Photobiz for convincing me not to go... Between me and you Paul, and whomever else is reading.. I really didn't want to go. Hehe. I just needed a revamp because I was looking like the 90s, and that's what you provided me, a fresh new do. Appreciate 'cha! 2015ish in full effect.

So about this shoot, real quick... With new website in mind, and brand colors, obviously!!! I did an amazing photo shoot with my FAMU brother.. us FAMUans call one another "FAMUly" Apuje Kalu. He's an amazing stylist, creative director, etc etc from my neighorhood. We got to colaborate a few times, and these three looks came together under his direction. So Apuje, wherever you are, Thanks again brother! The styling, hair, nails and make up were all so brilliant. 

Sidebar: I am so happy to take this journey with you guys! I feared this stuff, but it looks like it won't be that bad after all. What do you think of the revision.. edgy huh? Modern.. Yeah, that's what I thought... Simple, umm hmm, exactly what I wanted. Enjoy! And listen, feel free to keep it honest with me. I'm ok with a little "constructive criticism" What else would you like to see on my site? Prices? I knew you would say that.. working on it ;-)

So before I go, I thought I was done typing, but as you can see, I'm not! If you have one minute or so, check out this super amazing video John Ledbetter of Sunchase Media put together of me! I can honestly say, it's a great introduction of who I am, why I do what I do... My passion is real. Please enjoy!


Chat soon, enjoy the new site. Well, revisied site! I'm super excited about it, hope you are too.