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Tuesday, March 29, 2016
By Maya Darasaw
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It's been too long. How are ya'll doing?

Has it literally been xx years since I graduated. Oh my, time has flown. Ok, let me just be transparent, this will make 10 years since I crossed that great stage and accepted my degree. Whew!

But, it's not about me, it's about these young and a few seasoned graduatates that are about to accept their diplomas in about a month or so. If they haven't been already, it's about that time to start to really

figuring out the next phase, chapter for their life... More education or the start of their career. For my buddy Taylor, she's going back to school after she walks in a few weeks, Virginia Tech to be exact.

Not only is Taylor beautiful, she's super smart and determined. Graduating in May from Howard University (my parents alma matta) from the Engineering program.

But, we had sooo much fun the other day as we captured this chapter in her life. Yes, you've got it... Senior Photo's Time!!!!

I brought the portable speaker out, she played music from the Internet to Future and we had ourselves a good ole time! Enjoy a few of our favorites!